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.: Winter :.

There has been a few questions on how the Alfa 156 handles
cold weather. Other than the reported problems with the
outside temperature, there should be no big worries.

.: Daily winter use :.

I know of people that uses their Alfa daily and with
winter temperatures down to -35 degrees they have no
more problems then with any other car.

.: My own experience :.

My own winter experience is that on cold mornings
she can hesitate for a second longer then usual when
I start her up. And because of the low (standard) front
I have been scraping snow on uncleared roads after heavy
snowing. Watch out for those piles of now after the
plough. If they freeze they might damage your front

.: Heater :.

The heater is in my opinion really good and after a few
minutes of driving the coupe is hot enough. Even though
the seat heating system works, it does not really get
frightening hot if you see what I mean. I spent a few
days trying to find out if it worked or not (it did!).

.: Handling :.

Because the power from Alfa Romeo's engines comes with higher
revs, I think you can find a lot of sporty cars that don't
do as well on snowy roads. In my experience the Alfa drives
just as well on snowy roads as any other front wheel drive cars.

.: Rust :.

Old Alfas are not exactly known for handling rust very well.
The 156 is fully galvanized so rust should be of no immediate
problem. On my 1998 model which has been trough three Norwegian
winters - going on number four, there is no visible signs
of rust. And I have checked! You might want to consider to
have some tectyl coating sprayed under your car to prevent
rust. This is recommended for EVERY car - NOT just Alfa!
Especially if driving on salted roads during winter.

.: No worries? :.

Not really, the only thing I can mention is the squeaking sounds
from the dash and if your front wishbone suspension needs some