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.: 147/156 Coolant Reservoir Change :.

Again this is another guide to help out some of you out. Its a simple guide to changing the coolant reservoir.

Note: This guide was created with a 3.2 147 GTA, the process may differ in other models

The problem: The coolant reservoir has become filthy, and in my case extremly filthy.
I suspect the build up of lime scale has been caused by someone topping up the coolant with
water in the past. The coolant reservoir has been pretty much like this since I brought the car
over a year ago. So time to actaully do something about it.

Prep:Tools and parts
Tools required...
Info:This job took me 45 min.

  • 7mm spanner & 7mm socket
  • rachet screwdriver + attachments
  • 4" rachet extention bar
  • rachet
  • small flat head screw driver.
  • small philips head screw driver.
  • clip plyers (blue handle)
  • flat nose plyers
  • bucket
  • new coolant - blue in my case
  • small plastic bag (not pictured)
  • PLUS: a new coolant reservior (15 @ dealers)

  • 1: Ok, lets see what a filthy coolant reservoir looks like. This is the thing we are going to change.

    Now compare the old and new...

    2: The reservoir is held in by 3 screw & attaches to 2 pipes.

    FIRSTLY .... MAKE SURE THE CAR IS COLD!!! Else you WILL burn yourself with the hot coolant!!

    Remove the first two screw at the bottom, I used the rachet + ext bar + 7mm socket piece, else the socket screwdriver like attachement.

    3:Then same tools to remove the top screw.

    4:Next, detach the top return feed pipe, the small one.
    Todo this, just prise off the clip with the small flay head screw driver.
    Then wiggle the pipe free & put it out the way.

    5:Move the reservior out the way. This is the position I used when I finally removed the bottom pipe.
    This position allowed me to do the job with out lossing any coolant, requires a little bit of manouvering.

    6:Since we're going to tip up the reservior, we need to bung the return pipe hole.
    I've done this with the aid of a little screw driver and a little piece of card.

    7:Next up cover any electrics with a plastic bag, just incase.
    Now I'm pretty sure the screw to the lower pipe can be undone via the 7mm scoket piece.
    So undo the screw and move the bracket out the way. No coolant should leak out at this point.

    8:Now slowly pull the pipe off and tip the reservior up so that no coolant comes out.

    9:Time for the new reservior.

    10:Re attache the sender pipe (bigger lower pipe).

    11:Screw back in the the lower and upper screw (3x)

    12:Re attache the return feeder pipe (smaller top pipe).
    You can use the clip plyers to do this, OR use a normal pair of plyer which is a struggle.

    13:Fill up with coolant, and check for leaks.
    Job done. (take for a drive and get up to temp, then check for leaks etc)

    Old and new...

    14: Final step and this is important..Go for a beer!!


    Extra: Now you can clean up the old coolant reservoir.
    Todo this you should use a lime scale remover, this is what Black Beauty (Pat) suggests.

    I hope this helps some of you out.
    - - Jeff Porter.

    .: 147/156 Coolant Reservoir Change :.