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.: Lack of power on cold engine :.

Cold/low revs/jerky/lack of power???

That's built in the the ECU!

When cold, the emission figures (CO) should be o.k. as well!
But, when cold, the CO emission differs from "warm".
That's why they measure exhaust gas temperature (yes, at the lambda probe!!)
and let that probe "tell" the ECU to use the "cold" progam.
When "warm" the "normal" setting will come into force and the engine will
perform 100% o.k.

During the chip tuning they did on my 156 1.8, this has been taken out of the
They left it to me as an "free" option, with the "danger" of failing the CO
test should they test with cold engine, but, when I leave my house and job
(with cold engine) I have to enter a mid speed high way almost immediately; on
many occassions I just need the power to do that safely!!
Before you all start screaming: NO, I do not overrev when cold!!!

Thanks to Gert-Jan from Holland for this info!

.: Lack of power on cold engine :.