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.: How to change the clutch spring :.

Clutch pedal are lose and only works close to the floor. It is
hard to engage and disengage gears. Though it seems as a leak
in the clutch fluid system, The level of brake fluid remains the same.

The push spring inside the clutch cylinder which is connected directly
to the clutch pedal are probably broken. If you use stomp like clutch
motion while shifting gears fast, the spring has worn tired and eventually

Push the seat all the way back and lie down on your back to get close to
the clutch - be sure that your neighbors see you - They will probably ask
themselves: 'What is the nut doing now?'

First use a small screwdriver to remove the split holding the connection
to the plastic clutch cylinder housing. Pull it off the pedal. Now loosen
the screw holding the small hose connected to the stud on the clutch
cylinder located on top of the cylinder. This hose are connected directly
to the brake fluid container. This hose are full of brake fluid. Be sure
to stop the fluid from running out of the hose when you pry it off. Do this
with your thumb and then put a proper sized drill into the hose to stop the
fluid from coming out.

Next remove the two nuts holding the clutch cylinder to the floor of the car.
Now carefully with restricted force pull the cylinder inside the car so you
can remove the split holding the hose connected to the bottom of the
cylinder. Then pull that hose out, it takes a bit of force. On this side
of the cylinder, the fluid aren't under pressure, so you don't have to block
it. Keep the end hose inside the car with a screwdriver put between the
metal stud and the floor.

Now if everything went right you got the cylinder in your hand. On the
end closest to the pedal, where the piston rod is connected you can see
a small plastic split thing that keeps the rod in place, or at least keeps
it from coming out. Push it out without destroying it. Now pull out the rod.
Then with a long thin thing push out the piston, then look into the cylinder
for the spring that probably wont come out. Now push out the spring with your
long thin thing, it takes a bit of work, try not to rip the inside of the

When you get it out, you will most probably look at a broken spring.
Put in a new spring and put the whole thing together again. Be sure to
connect the hose from the brake fluid container first, so that the cylinder
will be filled with fluid before connecting the end hose. This will
prevent the need for bleeding the system. Connect the end hose and
remember to put the split back in place. Assemble the rest and you're

Now the clutch works again.

Big thanks to Palle S. for this tip!

.: How to change the clutch spring :.