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.: Aircon tip :.

The air con always comes on whenever starting the car, regadless of
outside temperature. This bit tells how to turn this function on or off.

Somewhere late spring 2000 (april-july) this feature
has been eliminated although it is still in the manual.
From that date you can only switch it off by pushing the button!

Reason is, that the airco would "stink" because of damp
caused by a not ventilating cooling system.

The "story" that the airco compressor takes a lot of
power is NOT 100% true. It only takes power when it
actually cools and only very, very little when it only
dry's the air which is very comfortable (no glazy windows
in fall/winter etc). And when it does "work" and you require
full power of the engine, the airco compressor is automatically
switch off for a short period.

The "trick" to leave the airco compressor "off" after starting
the engine (like I said only for models before approx april 2000):

1. Put the ignition key in "STOP" position
2. Turn temperatur knob completely to the right (= max. temp)
3. Turn the blower knob to "0" position
4. Turn air direction knob to "mid direction" position (fully to the right)
5. WITHOUT STARTING THE ENGINE, turn the ignition key to "MAR"
6. Turn the blower knob AUTO-0-AUTO-0
7. Turn the ignition key back to "STOP"
7. Now press the air-con button to turn it off (or on if doing the reverse).
8. Turn the ignition key back to "STOP"

That's all.
To go back to the first setting, do the same, etc. etc.

Thanks to Gert-Jan from Holland and to Daniel W for this info!

.: Aircon tip :.