.: Ragazzon muffler :.
Friday the 16th of April 2004 I fitted a Ragazzon end muffler:

Me and a friend used about 30 minutes to fit it. We had to get under the car and for that I reversed the car to a little ramp. He did most of it as he was a bit experienced with this kind of work, but it was only one nut to get off and two rubber bits in the back and the old one were off. Hardest part was actually to unscrew the nut as it had rusted a bit.

Once mounted I started the car and the second I turned on the engine there was no doubt that something was
different about the sound picture. Nice sound on idle and not to much sound around
2000-3000 rpm unless you push the throttle a bit hard, which is good. There are
increasing sound when I go more than 3000 rpm and that is exactly how I want it.
So my first impression of this is that I can really recommend this muffler. My
girlfriend has not complained so much about it, and that I am happy with. If you
want to hear the sound, check out the two videoclips I have done. You can hear
the sound nice there, just not all the bass the the muffler gives. Mostly on idle.
In my garage with concrete walls on all sides, you can hear it really good!

You can see more pictures in higher resolutions on my picture page.
.: Ragazzon muffler :.