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Old page history:

20.02.2003 - Received pictures from two new 156 owners. Be sure to check out
             the videos on one of them because Rafal made some cool ones!
             Also added a picture from under the car at the "secret" Eibach page! ;)
18.02.2003 - YES! I changed the layout on this page. Hopefully for the better. ;)
             It should load a bit faster too maybe. Also added a new 156 to the
             Pictures section.
14.02.2003 - Got my car fitted with Eibach 30 mm lowering kit! See the
             difference here! Also received some pictures from an 156 owner
             in the UK. See the Pictures section.
12.02.2003 - There has been a few dns problems lately, but they should
             be solved when you can read this. I hope and think this was
             the last time as I have done som changes.
08.02.2003 - More pictures for you! I received pictures of two new cars
             and updated the Pictures section with them.
03.02.2003 - Updated the Pictures section with pictures of not less than three
             new cars!
29.01.2003 - Received very cool pictures from an 156 owner in The Netherlads.
             Updated the pictures section with them.
26.01.2003 - Today is like the one year anniversary to my page (or at least
             my domain name). To celebrate this I give you a very good article
             from the Norwegian Alfa Romeo Owners Club magazine about modifying
             your suspentions. This is something you should read before
             the spring starts! You will find it under the Tuning section
             or simply just klick here.
22.01.2003 - Received pictures from two more owners. Placed them in the
             Pictures section for you as usual. I have several gigabytes of
             diskspace left. Please send more! ;)
16.01.2003 - Received pictures from a 156 owner in Croatia. Updated the Pictures
             section with the new pictures and flag.
11.01.2003 - Got a new tip about bad wipers. See the info section for more info.
             Also updated the pictures section with pictures of two more cars.
07.01.2003 - Several updates today thanks to Claus from Denmark. I have updated
             the Styling section with pictures from three new styling kits.
             I decided to reset the best styling voter, so go vote for your
             favourite! The results from the previous voter is available here.
             Also updated the tuning section with info about a new kompressor kit.
05.01.2003 - Happy new year to ye'all! Tonight I have done some small
             changes on most of the pages. I have included a small java
             script which will show the menu frame to the peaople who
             find this page at search engines. Looks like most new readers find
             this page like that. Please let me know if you notice any bugs.
             You never know! ;) Also if one of you guys run a DNS server and
             can run _secondary_ dns for me, please contact me.
21.12.2002 - Received pictures from three 156 owners and uploaded them to
             the pictures page. Also received two more pictures from Dopico's
             very stylish interiour and added them to the pictures of his car.
             This page has now very close to 15000 views. I am really satisfied
             with that! :) I will probarbly not update the page before after
             christmas (unless you send me more pictures), so merry christmas
15.12.2002 - Added a new car from Spain to the pictures page. Also changed
             the directory structure for your Alfa's so it shows like this:
             www.alfa156.net/owner/user.html if you want do link directly
             to your own cars from you homepage or whatever. :)
09.12.2002 - Just received the news about a new Alfa Romeo 156 GTAm. Just had
             to put a couple of pictures in the history page. The press release
             and more pictures in the Forum! You really should see this!
05.12.2002 - Upgraded the old guestbook to a new php one. It is a lot better
             and uses the last event on top. Very clever! ;)
             The old guestbook will be available here for a while.
04.12.2002 - Got some new very useful info on the info page about erratic
             idle speed! And also updated info about water leakage with more info.
29.11.2002 - Added a new car to the pictures page.
23.11.2002 - Added a new car to the pictures page. Also added a new
             (norwegian) test drive to the test drive page.
18.11.2002 - Added new pictures received to the pictures page.
17.11.2002 - The webserver should now be ok. I have fixed the problem
             I was writing about yesterday. Also added a new link to the page.
16.11.2002 - If you have experienced an unstable page lately it is a
             reason for that. I am currently working on the webserver
             this page is running on. Unfortunately there is a hardware
             conflict. The outtage is caused by reboots mostly. This is
             hopefully solved within tomorrow.
10.11.2002 - Added a new picture to the pictures page. Please send
             more pictures!
30.10.2002 - Just for fun - added flags from all the different countrys
             I have received 156 pictures from on the Pictures page.
29.10.2002 - Started to make a new "Buyers Guide" page. You will find it
             at the Info page. Also added some info about the variator problem.
26.10.2002 - Received pictures from a 156 owner in Russia. Updated the
             picture section with the new pictures.
20.10.2002 - Added a new link on the links page. Also fixed a small
             bug in the guestbook. Oops! It actually works now! ;)
17.10.2002 - Updated the tuning section with two new tuning companys.
             Also updated Dave Schaefers Alfa 156 page with new info.
09.10.2002 - I am testing my pages on a new server. Please send me any
             feedback if this is unusable. :) Also added pictures of a new
             car I received on the pictures page.
05.10.2002 - Did some reorganizing on the menu and cleaned the links page for
             downloadable files. The files was moved to the new Downloads
             section. AND I added six very nice desktop background images
             to the new Download section. I am really satisfied with those!
             Be sure to check them out. Perfect for your home or work PC!
             Also added the BBC's Top Gear Alfa 156 GTA test to the new
             download page.
02.10.2002 - Added two more cars to the picture page. Keep'em coming!
             Also added a new link to a news page for car enthusiasts.
             Expect some really cool desktop backgrounds here as soon as I
             get the time to finish them. Been a bit busy lately.
10.09.2002 - Added a new car to the picture page. Send me pictures! The
             picture page is the most popular page on this website!
08.09.2002 - Added a new picture to the My 156 page and once again changed the
             layout on the picture page a bit.
07.09.2002 - Added info about the new 2.4JTD at the Technical page. Also updated
             the picture page with new pictures just received from a 156 owner. 
06.09.2002 - Added the Alfa 156 GTA motorsound clip to the Links page! Go get it!!
31.08.2002 - Updated the Info/Boot sensor (SW) page with a new tip received.
19.08.2002 - Received pictures from a 156 owner in Australia! Updated the
             picture section with the new pictures.
18.08.2002 - Just got back from the National Alfa Romeo club meeting and
             Italian Day at Vålerbanen in Norway. The pictures are available
             on the pictures page! NIIIIICEEE! Also changed the front page
             picture. It's me - in action at Vålerbanen this weekend! Thanks
             to Roger Samdal.
14.08.2002 - Fixed a few cosmetic things on the Pictures page. Keep the pictures
             coming! This weekend I will attend to a big Italian cars gathering
             at Vålerbanen - "Italiensk dag". And also the national Norwegian
             Alfa Romeo Club meeting. Stay tuned for a lot of pictures!
31.07.2002 - Did some reorganizing on the page. Moved some of the TestDrives and
             Technical sections to a new Info section. Then I split up the
             Pictures page to two different pages. That will make it faster for
             modem/isdn users to load the page.
27.07.2002 - Just felt like changing the front page picture. Just for the change. :)
             The picture was taken in Lærdal, Norway in case you were wondering.
             More pictures from there in the Pictures section.
26.07.2002 - After a week offline, the pictures from Lærdal and Vårmønstringen
             at Lagunen is finally back online again (Pictures section).
             Also added info about a new tuning kit on the tuning page.
24.07.2002 - Finally got home from summer vacation in Greece. Lots of
             nice Alfa Romeos there and they even have "Alfa" beer! ;)
             I have updated the pictures page with pictures of three new
             cars and the styling page with info about two new Italian
             styling kits.
03.07.2002 - Received a Alfa 156 Selenia skin for the game TOCA2.
             It can be found on the links page.
29.06.2002 - Added a new user tip to the technical page (Lack of power on
             cold engine) and updated with new info on the "Variator" problem.
27.06.2002 - Added new 156 pictures that I received on the pictures page and
             updated the text about squeaking wishbones with new info received.
22.06.2002 - Received pictures from another 156 owner and updated the
             pictures page with them. Also moved the pictures from Lærdal
             and from Lagunen to my home PC. Hope the speed isn't that bad.
12.06.2002 - Added a new link to www.alfapower.nu! It is a completely new
             (swedish) webpage. As an Alfa alternative to www.bmwpower.nu.
11.06.2002 - Just updated the pictures section with pictures from
             Heath Clarke's new 2002 (facelift) 156 SW. He only received
             the car yesterday. Congrats! Also added the change monitor
             button you can see above. Nice if you want to be notified by mail
             about this page being updated. Then I added some more info about
             power upgrades from Poweralfa and the new power upgrade for the
             2.4 JTD from Novitec in the tuning section.
06.06.2002 - Updated pictures from Lars G's 156 and added a new car to
             the pictures page. Also added a link to more pictures from
             Lærdal at 147dude's webpage. Nice!
02.06.2002 - Just uploaded 112 new pictures from this week ends Klubb
             Alfa Romeo Norway's meeting in Lærdal, Norway. Sorry for
             the norwegian comments to the pictures. I guess you will
             guess the most important of the comments anyway. The pictures
             can be found in the Pictures section (obviously ;).
31.05.2002 - Added a new 156 SW picture received on the pictures page.
             Maybe not very easy to see as it replaced another picture
             (the first one on line three). Today I will drive to an
             Alfa meeting in Lærdal, Norway. Stay tuned for A LOT of nice
             new pictures on sunday/monday!
26.05.2002 - Added new information to the technical section. New info
             about the variator and about poor paintwork. Also updated
             the info about timing belts a bit.
18.05.2002 - Received a new picture of a nice Alfa. Updated the
             pictures page. Keep'em coming!
10.05.2002 - The pictures from the local car clubs gathering here in
             Bergen yesterday are finally ready! Have a look in the
             pictures section. Lots of goodies!
05.05.2002 - Changed the title for the page and the front page picture to
             a more suitable for this time of year. Just missed out on the
             nice sunset on this picture and the darn Au*i was parked where
             I wanted to park my car to take the picture. Will update the
             picture again to a better one hopefully very soon. Also look out
             for a lot of new pictures in the picture section in a few days.
             The greatest gathering of all Car Clubs in western Norway will
             take place the 9th of May (@Lagunen, Bergen) and I will be there
             with both my car and my camera. :)
29.04.2002 - Added two new cars to the pictures page.
27.04.2002 - Added new pictures on the pictures page with Jeffry Dijkstra's
             new 18" wheels. Nice pictures! Also added two pictures of
             Lars Petter's new Alfa!
21.04.2002 - Added a new styling kit from Zender on the styling page.
             And then also I added a new cool feature to the same
             page. Go and have a look! :) I also changed the counter to
             a more discreet one.
18.04.2002 - Just added a new forum for this webpage! Use the Forum for
             your Alfa 156 questions, answers and driving experiences!
             And DO post in English, please! I'll might have to delete
             messages written in other languages that I can't understand.
17.04.2002 - Updated with two more pictures on the picture page.
16.04.2002 - Updated Edwin Sterkens 156 pictures with a new image.
09.04.2002 - Added some new pictures on the pictures page with some
             pictures I received.
03.04.2002 - Updated the picture page with some new pictures received
             and added a new link.
29.03.2002 - Finally finished the history page. I hope you find it
             interesting! I guess that page will be updated frequently
             as I'm still not completely satisfied with it. Also updated
             the styling and tuning sections with new info.
28.03.2002 - Updated one of the "your Alfa pictures" pages with a
             new picture from the owner.
24.03.2002 - Just had to wash my car and took a few new pictures after
             with the new wheels. Sweet! :)
23.03.2002 - Updated with a new picture received in a mail. And fixed
             up the My156 section and added a new picture with my new
             17" wheels!
19.03.2002 - Received a new picture of a nice Alfa. Updated the
             pictures page.
15.03.2002 - Updated with a new picture on the pictures page.
             Also added some data to the technical page. Please send
             more pictures of Alfa 156es. Who'll be the first one from
             Australia/Oceania? I know you're reading this! :)
11.03.2002 - Updated with new pictures on the pictures page and the
             styling page. And added a link to the links page.
08.03.2002 - Added three cars to the picture page from mails received. Thanks!
03.03.2002 - Got inspired by the diary on The Twosome page (link page) and
             made my own diary of what has gone wrong with my 156 so far.
             See the Technical page for this info. Also found 4 cars for
             the game Need For Speed 4. Enjoy! ;)
02.03.2002 - Received an Alfa 156 screen saver! :) And also received a mail
             with a test drive so I added it to the Test Drive section.
01.03.2002 - Updated the technical section with some info about the AC.
26.02.2002 - The picture section goes online! I'm also in the making
             of a History of Alfa 156 section. Don't know when it will
             be ready yet (a lot of work!). Please do contact me if you
             have any info about the making and the launch of the 156.
25.02.2002 - Added a couple of links, tests and 156 TV spots.
             Uploaded two Alfa 156 cars for the game "Need For Speed 3".
             A must I guess! :) I am currently working on a new pictures
             section, so send me pictures of your 156 and I'll add them
             to the page! The page will be ready in a few days. Just need
             some more pictures to put on it.
08.02.2002 - Added a link, did some minor changes and updated the info
             on technical/timing belt thanks to new info received.
04.02.2002 - Made the tuning section and added some to styling. Also added
             some text to technical. Starting to get satisfied with my pages!
             Added two GTA test drives!
03.02.2002 - Added a Styling and a Tuning section. Not finished with the
             tuning section yet. It will probably be up later tonight.
01.02.2002 - Fixed the guest book so I got satisfied with it. Feel free to
             leave a comment. Also fixed the page so it looks a bit better
             on 800x600 resolution monitors.
31.01.2002 - Updated the technical specs with new data for GTA and 2.0 JTS.
             Added a guest book, but I'm not completely satisfied with it,
             so I'll look for alternatives. Feel free to test it! Also added
             a couple of links to the linkpage.
30.01.2002 - Todays update is tech specs about the GTA on the technical page
             and some more information about the 156 facelift.
29.01.2002 - Updated the graphix bit a little and wrote about winter experiences.
28.01.2002 - Received some feedback and updated the technical page with more info.
27.01.2002 - The domain name is already ok (fast)! I have updated and
             added some more info and the usual bugfixes. ;) I worked
             VERY late yesterday (today!) so when I got home today it
             was perfect weather for a photosession. New winter pictures
             on the picture page and one on the mainpage. Unfortunately my
             camera could not catch the pretty winter view as beautiful
             as it really was! :(
26.01.2002 - Ordered the domain name www.alfa156.net.
             Added an about page and fixed several small bugs.
23.01.2002 - Added some to technical, this news section and some gfx.
22.01.2002 - Added some new links and some minor updates.
21.01.2002 - Reorganized the page A LOT! :)