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.: 31.05.2009 :.
Updated the FAQ section again on the Tips page thanks to Black Beauty and
TazzyK's great efforts on the forum! Big thanks again!
.: 30.08.2008 :.
Updated the FAQ section on the Tips page thanks to Black Beauty's great efforts
on the forum! Big thanks!
.: 23.08.2008 :.
You might have noticed, but Jeff is still trying to keep the Your156 section
updated at all times. Today I've changed the front page picture, updated the
about page, added some links and added a new album to the Pictures page.
.: 07.02.2008 :.
A new guide in the Tips section. Wilson made a little guide on how to
install a K&N high-flow air filter into the original airbox of the 156.
Oh, and Jeff is constantly updating the Your156 section so keep an eye on it!
.: 04.10.2007 :.
Jeff has made another of his very handy guides! This time it's a Coolant
Reservoir Change step by step guide which is usable for both 156 and 147!
.: 15.09.2007 :.
Updated the About page!
.: 14.09.2007 :.
Done a lot of updating with several old emails that I had in my inbox.
Mostly new links to the linkspage, one test drive (french), one styling kit
(bottom of styling page) and some other minor adjustments of facts and info
different places. All contributors has got a reply from me.
.: 13.09.2007 :.
Helpfull as ever, Jeff have now completed uploading ALL the received pictures
for the Your156 section! I owe you bigtime, mate! So there are now a lot of
new pictures to look trough in that section. I will also do some minor updating
of the site sometime during the next week. So keep watching!
.: 10.09.2007 :.
Added pictures from the annual Italian Day in the pictures section.
BTW: Sorry for not updating the "Your156" section at the moment. I have saved
all the contributions and will try to get them online when I find time to do it.
It is quite a bit of work to do there...
.: 16.08.2007 :.
Updated the pictures section with working links and some new pictures and
even a "new" video!
.: 24.07.2007 :.
Time to change the front page image. Really a good looking picture! And I've also
added another guide from Jeff! This time for 147 owners. ... yeah, I know! But the
guide is too good to not put on the net! Your guides are very much appreciated, Jeff!
And also added another forum FAQ link to the Tips section. This time "miximup"'s guide
to do a pollen filter removal/replacement. Thanks miximup!
.: 09.06.2007 :.
Forum seems to be unstable these days. Please be patient. We will change servers
if this continues.
.: 14.05.2007 :.
This time Jeff have made a guide with Sam on how to replace the TS airfilter, even if
your bolts have rusted. Thanks Sam and once again Jeff! Appreciate it! See Tips page.
.: 20.02.2007 :.
Pat & Jeff have made a guide on how to fix the door handle button if it sticks.
Thanks Pat and again Jeff! We appreciate your work! :) See Tips page.
.: 29.11.2006 :.
Auto Italia have supplied us with a great GTA test where they compare a more or less
standard GTA up against two Monzasport modified ones. Thanks, you are great guys! :)
.: 16.10.2006 :.
Tanks to Jeff again, we have another guide on the infopage. This time
Jeff has made a step by step guide on how to change your headlight units.
E.g. if you want to clean them or got some nice GTA-style lights. Keep it
up, Jeff! :)
.: 28.08.2006 :.
Finally something that has been in the process for some time is ready!
I am proud and happy to announce that you can now get official
T-Shirts trough our partner Uber9 Custom Design. They also ship worldwide.
.: 17.08.2006 :.
Tada! Still alive! I sold the GTV and replaced it with something
I dont dare mentioning
here. But this page will still be here in
the future! :) Anyway, todays update is Jeff's step by step guide
on how to change sparkplugs on your V6. Big thanks to Jeff for making
such cool and usefull guides! And for his patiece... Also updated the
Tips section with a new link from the forum: how to replace sparkplugs
on the TS engines. So something for everyone here.
.: 05.07.2006 :.
Just updated the Tips page with 10 new FAQ's from the forum.
.: 26.03.2006 :.
Updated the frontpage picture and added a new profile of the month for March.
Yeah, I know.. a bit late. :)
.: 23.03.2006 :.
Five new links added to the linkspage. Also added a general buyers guide
that was published in Autocar october 2004. This site gets a mention
in that article too. Nice. :) Big thank you's to Autocar for letting me use
it on the site. One new link added.
.: 22.03.2006 :.
Finally another update! Last year the Italian car magazine Auto Italia
released an updated buyers guide for the Alfa 156. They were kind enough
to give this page a mention in the article! :) And now, big thanks to them
for letting me publish the article in full here. Respect! To be found in
the Tips section. Enjoy! More updates will follow the next few days.
.: 7.12.2005 :.
Added a few FAQ's from the forum to a new section on the Tips page to keep
them easy to find for new members. Also added a new tip to fix an annoying
blown bulb alarm when all the bulbs are OK. Thanks, Marcos! Also added the
pictures from eight new owners cars.
.: 5.11.2005 :.
Thanks to Richard H for supplying the Alfa Romeo UK's official recall note
for the bonnet catch problem.
.: 12.10.2005 :.
Tonight eight new owners cars was added to the Your156 page number 21 and 22.
.: 7.10.2005 :.
Still updating the site for you! Tonight twelve new owners cars was added
to the Your156 page number 21.
.: 5.10.2005 :.
Eight new owners cars added to the Your156 page number 20.
.: 4.10.2005 :.
As promised, a few updates the next days. Planning to get most of the info
I've had on hold for some time now online. That's quite a few hours job, I can
tell you. I have exactly 100 emails with pictures waiting... But anyway.. First
I have added a part number to the plastic stereo frame tip and some pictures to the
bonnet catch tip. Watch out for that!
Twentyfour new owners cars made it to the Your156 section this evening.
And I even updated the front page picture with CuoreSportivo82's very nice car!
.: 18.09.2005 :.
Updated the tips section with Posty's 48 point checklist for buying an Alfa 156.
More updates will come in a couple of weeks. I am planning to get all the
new owners cars that I have received on email online. And that is quite a few!
.: 30.06.2005 :.
New car of the month! (Finally!)
Removed a couple non-working links from the links page.
.: 22.06.2005 :.
Added TPIACE's Zaino DIY guide to the tips page for the ultimate car shine!
Thanks, dude! Also added a new sponsor to the site. Visit Alfaman and check
out their suspension arms with prefitted powerflex bushes!
.: 16.06.2005 :.
Once you least expect it, I strike back with more. Added more help on cleaning
the MAF to the tips section. A guide I got from Jeff almost 100 years ago, but
finally online now (sorry, Jeff!). Also added two new links to the link page,
a few new pictures from the National AROC meeting in Norway this year and
replaced the front page picture with something less winter-ish.
.: 29.04.2005 :.
Only one new tip at this time because the domain name does not resolve at this
time, so I am updating blind. Will keep an eye on this during the day and see
how it goes. Maybe I'll add more later.
.: 22.04.2005 :.
Updated the history page as it was really outdated. Now it should be a bit
more up to date and even a few new pictures. Expect some more additions to the
Tips section the next few days as I have quite a few on hand! Also note that there
now is an X in "MyX156".. Yes, I sold my 156 to get a GTV... Don't worry, though.
As long as there are sponsors to the page, this page isn't going anywhere! :)
.: 10.03.2005 :.
With BIG thanks to Spennie, which is helping me out, there are now not less than
16 new owners cars online! Great work Spennie!! :)
.: 28.02.2005 :.
Uploaded not less than 12 new owners cars to page 17 and updated the pictures
from Leomark's car.
.: 27.02.2005 :.
Uploaded eight new owners cars and updated David D's pictures. More to come!
.: 23.02.2005 :.
Added info about Angel Tuning to the tuning section, added six new links to the
links page. More updates to come the following days.
.: 05.01.2005 :.
Four more cars in the Your156 section! Jeff made a very nice "how to change a
light bulb in the center console" guide which is now online in the Tips
section. Big thanks! Update: And as promised.. more was coming! Just finished
uploading the car of the month profile for Mito's Autodelta GTA 3,7. N-I-C-E!
.: 04.01.2005 :.
Happy new year, people! A bit delayed (what else is new?), but finally, four more
owners cars on the Your156 page. More to come tomorrow! And a new movie from the
Giornata Italiana at Vaalerbanen on August 14 last year is to be found on the
"Pictures" page. Enjoy!
.: 26.12.2004 :.
Just had to change the front page picture to some more winterish... Just took some
pictures today as the weather was stunning with the snow and sun (the picture shows
the moon). More updates in the Your156 section expected later this week!
.: 08.12.2004 :.
No new owners pictures this time, but two new user tips in the Tips section,
and one updated tip. Check the ones marked "nuovo". Big thanks to Palle,
Posty and Michaeld for the tips! Keep on sending tips and pictures of your
156'es. I still have about 100 emails to read, but I will eventually!
.: 10.11.2004 :.
Another update. Four new owners cars. Still a lot more to come! Updated the pictures
from Richardo. The Tips page was updated with Colin's Bonnet Catch guide.
If I have not uploaded pictures of your car yet, dont worry. They will be
online sooner or later.. I have about 100 emails with pictures on hold... (help!) ;)
.: 8.11.2004 :.
Finally had the time to do an update on the Your156 section!
Eight new owners cars now online and a lot more coming up one of the days!
.: 2.11.2004 :.
We are experiencing problems with the forum... The forum will be offline untill
the problem is solved.
.: 1.11.2004 :.
Not many updates these days, but some updates will be coming later this
week and the next! Anyway, here is the November profile - meet Alfachick!
Thanks, Amy! :)
.: 2.10.2004 :.
Still a bit buzy! Sorry guys! But I had the time to give you another car
of the month. Enjoys Karel's nice GTA! Thanks, Karel!
.: 29.8.2004 :.
Finally another update! Still a bit buzy, but I am going trough my email
little by little. All contributions will be online sooner or later. For
this update I have added pictures from the Giornata Italiana in Norway
from the 14th of August. Lots of nice pictures of nice cars there. And
then I have added pictures from eight new owners to the new page 15 and
updated the pictures from Jase156. Also added a couple of links to some
Spanish Alfa pages thanks to Diego.
.: 12.8.2004 :.
Thanks to you guys for still sending pictures for the gallery. They will be
online sooner or later. I have been busy this summer with all kinds of things,
but eventually I have lots of updates for you. Also for the tip's section so
check back later. Will also update the pictures page with pictures from the
upcoming Giornata Italiana in Norway at 14th of August. I'll be there taking
pictures and videotaping the event for Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia,
Fiat, Ducati, Motoguzzi... yeah, catch my drift? So check back later!
.: 24.7.2004 :.
Updated Your156 section with six new owners cars. Check them out at page 14!
There are still more to come. Will upload as soon as i have the time for it!
.: 22.7.2004 :.
First of all I got a sponsor today! Weeh! Big thanks to Gazzella Racing
and please have a look at their page! I uploaded some of the pictures
that I have received lately. First updated pictures from Simon.
Then pictures from two new owners on page 14. More to come tomorrow
as there are a whole bunch of pictures and links waiting!
.: 10.7.2004 :.
Fixed the links to a couple of the movies here. Now you can download
them easy and fast, I hope. Also moved the page to a real webserver.
I actually have to pay for that one, so I'd be happy if anyone would
help paying for it. See the Paypal donation button on the about page.
Hope you notice the increase in speed! :) If you have sent pictures
of your car and still not had them uploaded, then don't worry. I will
update with more pictures in the next few days. If you didn't send pictures,
then do and I will have them online on the next update.
.: 20.6.2004 :.
Finally another update! I have been busy with other projects lately,
so no time for the page. BUT now I'm back with a few updates. Not less
than 16 new cars in the Your156 page. And updated pictures to Santtu's
page. Enjoy! Hopefully not that long to the next update.
.: 2.5.2004 :.
New profile online! Big thanks to remapped for his time! Also fixed
links for the movies in the Pictures section. All should work now!
.: 25.4.2004 :.
New car added to the Your156 section. Also wrote something about my
new muffler on the My156 page. Not finished, so it will be updated
sometime later.
.: 24.4.2004 :.
Oh yeah, since last I had a Ragazzon muffler mounted to my car. I will
write some info about it tomorrow I think. No pictures from the mounting,
but it was pretty simple. Be sure to check out the two new videos in
the My156 section for the sound! I received updated pictures from Per J
and new pictures from not less than seven 156 owners! Also added a new
link to the links page. Also received updated pictures from Formula 2 design,
the styling company. See the styling section. Phew! :)
.: 12.4.2004 :.
I have now fixed a few of the links for my videos in the Pictures section.
Be sure to check them out while they are available. In todays updates, I
added a small Donate button in the About section (highly at own will, but
appreciated - will be used for faster webserver), added pictures from four
new owners and updated the pictures from Anders T and Gerrit.
.: 8.4.2004 :.
Quite a few updates today! First I added a new video clip and sound clip
to the My156 K&N page. Then I added a soundclip to the Tips/Variator page
so you can hear how my car sounds with the variator changed. That means
I have soundclip for both good and bad variators! I have also updated the
Your156 section with stunning eight (yes, eight!) new cars! Wow! And on
top of that Antti sent me updated pictures and info about his car. Lots
to read and explore, as you can understand. And I am sure you already noticed
the new driver's profile on the main page?
.: 25.3.2004 :.
Updated with the new video from our UK meet. Have a look! Also added
pictures from five new owners and updated pictures from Brian Fisker.
.: 13.3.2004 :.
Finally I got to update the Your156 section. I have added four new cars
to the page and updated pictures from TPIACE and Maik Erdmann. I have also
added some news to the front page. I think I will start a new monthly feature
serie with special 156es. I hope you like the idea!
.: 12.3.2004 :.
Finally had the time to update the page with a new front picture from
the meet we had in Northampton, UK. Pictures are in the Pictures section
together with a new movie from Autodelta's 147 GTA 3,7. Enjoy! I will update
the Your156 section with a lot of new pictures when I have the time for it!
I have several mails waiting...
.: 29.2.2004 :.
Updated some of the info on my K&N filter experience on the My156 page.
Also added some pictures from "Monster's" 156 and then added pictures
from four new 156 owners to the Your156 page.
.: 14.2.2004 :.
Added one new link to the links page, one new parts tuning shop and
pictures from three new 156 owners. On sunday march 7 we will have a
small meet for the UK members. Read about it on the forum.
.: 14.2.2004 :.
Received pictures from a new owner with his new 2004 SW. Very nice!
And then added pictures of "Monster's" 3,2 GTA upgraded 156.
Also received updated pictures from Chris T. Exellent pictures, mate!
.: 7.2.2004 :.
Uploaded a soundfile from my new K&N 57i filter kit to the My156 page.
Then I added pictures from two new owners and updated Loic's pictures
on the Your156 page.
.: 4.2.2004 :.
Yes, the info about MAF cleaning is online. Check it out if you have strange
problems with power loss. A cheap and inexpensive way to fix it yourself if you
are a bit lucky! You'll find it in the Tips section.
.: 3.2.2004 :.
Today I uploaded pictures from two new owners, added a soundbit to the tips
section on how a bad variator sounds like and added some info about my new
Eibach pro kit dampers. Wrote a few lines about my experiences so far. Just
had them fitted. Tomorrow I will publish some breaking news about how to
fix your MAF yourself if you have trouble with powerloss on cold engine
(twin spark only). Even I could do it and so can you!
.: 28.1.2004 :.
Was out tonight and took some new pictures of my car. The temperature was -8C
and my finger actually started to freeze to the camerabutton! I am very happy with
the result of the pictures. Just unhappy that I wasn't there 30 minutes earlier
as the sky whould have been better. One of the pictures are now on the front page
and the rest is in the My156 album.
.: 20.1.2004 :.
Finally got a K&N induction kit. Read the "review" on the My156 page with pictures
and even a little video! Also uploaded pictures from two new owners on the
Your156 page.
.: 20.1.2004 :.
Updated the Your156 with the new pictures of TPIACE's new GTA allys. Looks
very very very cool, dude! Also added a new 156 owners car to the Your156 page.
.: 17.1.2004 :.
First I added three new links, one for Thomas 156 page, one for Posty's
156 page and one for the Alfa Romeo Sportcollection store. Removed some
old links that did not work anyway. Uploaded pictures from not less then
six new owners to the Your156 page. Go check them out!
.: 4.1.2004 :.
Received pictures from two new 156 owners and placed them to the
Your156 page. Also received pictures from two crashed 156es and
you can find them on the bottom of the Pictures page.
.: 26.12.2003 :.
OK, one more update. ;) In the tuning section I removed the links to
Tobi's guides as the links were dead and Tobi's page is no more.. :(
In stead I started a new group under the Tuning section for car parts
that improves the car like light weight stuff or better brakes and so on.
See you next year! ;)
.: 24.12.2003 :.
As we finaly got some now here I went out and took some new pictures of
my car. Nice colours, but not entirely happy with them. Will snap some
better later! But I felt I had to change the front page picture, so I did.
Then I uploaded pictures from three new 156 owners to the Your 156 page, moved
the results from the picture compo to the Pictures page and last thing added
pictures from a new styling company to the styling page. Go have a look!
As this will be the last update for the page this year, I want to wish
all of you a merry xmas and a very happy new year! Drive fast and safe! ;)
Please keep sending me stuff to keep the page updated!
.: 10.12.2003 :.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I have had a lot of other things
to do! Anyway, don't stop sending pictures of your cars! I will upload the
pictures as soon as I have the time for it. Today I updated the Your156
section with pictures from six new owners. One of them is a group N Alfa
from Tenerife. Cool! :)
.: 22.11.2003 :.
The results from the photo competition is finally ready! The winner picture
is placed on the front page and you can see the results list by cliking that
picture, or click this link. This is actually the first time my car is not the
car on the front page! Congratulations to Tomek, the winner! Received new pictures
from an 156 owner in Italy. Uploaded to the Your156 page. Also added a new tuning
company to the Tuning -> Motor Tuning page. Mostly for UK readers.
.: 16.11.2003 :.
Finelly updated the Your156 section with six new owners cars! Thanks
for sending pictures! I have also updated Steward's car with new pictures
of his Cadamuro bodykit. Nice! The photo competition is almost finished.
Just need to collect the votes from the jury now! Stay tuned!
.: 28.10.2003 :.
New BIG update for the Tips -> Dashboard noise article. Thanks to the
Dutch AR 156 club! Also updated the Tuning page with info about AH Motorsport's
V6 upgrades.
.: 26.10.2003 :.
Received pictures from Arne who owns a two days old 156 with the new look.
Updated the page instantly so you can see it. Looks really great methinks!
Congratulations for owning the first one featured on this page!
.: 24.10.2003 :.
Updated with new pictures from Ton. Also updated the Your156 section with
pictures from two new owners. Started page 9! Also, send inn pictures for
the photo competition! We all want to see nice pictures here!! :)
.: 15.10.2003 :.
Lars tipped me about the tuning company Squadra Tuning, so I have now added info
about them to the Tuning page. Also added a link to more info on the Tips/Variator page
and a new tip about possible solutions to engine power loss.
.: 11.10.2003 :.
Added three more cars to the Your156 section. Completed page 8 and we are now
in a total of 128 featured cars. Not bad at all! Also added a new link to Jarno's
Alfa 156 page. I have a couple of new things for the Tips section in the process,
so check back for the updates. The issues has been discussed here on the forum on
my page, so check out the forum for the latest!
.: 27.9.2003 :.
Added a link to a new 156 startpage and then added pictures from four new owners
to the Your156 page! Also added two small movies to the Pictures page.
.: 13.9.2003 :.
Added a new link to Fruyt's Alfa 156 page. Also added a picture from a new owner's
car and his girlfriend. Nice! :) The kick off for the picture compo is here!
See info here! Hoping for quality contributions!
.: 10.9.2003 :.
Updated the Your156 section with four new owners cars and added info about
Goce's 156. A lot of mods done with that one! Now I am update with all received
mails, so please send more! :) A little something for you who read this news page
is to be found here: A little divx film about Ulf's 147 and a little divx film
about Stian's 33. Both were made by me for the owners of those cars. Enjoy!
.: 07.9.2003 :.
Long time since last update, but finally I am back with more. I have been using
a lot of my time on the video/DVD you can see on top of the films in the Pictures
section. It is the video I mentioned in the news update below. As you probarbly did
see, I have a new very very cool front page picture taken by my friend Espen. Well
done, dude! A build up to a foto competition for this page. More info in a few days!
More of his pictures in the My156 gallery. I have received updated pictures from Hugo
and pictures from five new 156 owners. I have more received pictures on queue so
expect more the next following days!
.: 18.8.2003 :.
OK, I'm back now! So the pictures are finally online! Not a whole lot of pictures,
but you can see them on the pictures page. I also recorded 94 minutes of video from
the track driving. I will start directing it tomorrow, but it will take it's time
before it's finished. I have added a teaser for the movie I will make so you can see.
.: 14.8.2003 :.
I am on my way to the greatest meeting of Italian cars in Scandinavia.
It is the Italian Day (Giornata Italiana) at Vålerbanen in Norway this
saturday. I took the new front page picture on the way and is now updating
from a remote location. Check back on sunday evening for the pictures!
.: 12.8.2003 :.
Finally back from holiday! (I am not so exited about being back as it could seem)
There was not less than six emails waiting for me with owner pictures when I got
back. They are now online and among them dere are not less than two GTAs! Also
added some info about a movie I have made for the Norwegian Alfa Romeo club national
meeting in Lærdal this summer. See info on the Pictures page. Expect a lot of nice
new pictures on this page in a few days, because I will attend to a big Italian cars
meeting this week end. Stay tuned!
.: 26.7.2003 :.
Last page update before I leave for holiday is here. A new nice car on the Your156
page. Also if you like model cars, I have made a little gallery of mine here. Ciao!
.: 21.7.2003 :.
Finally some food for the Tip's section! Added info about a little bit of
plastic that can make your dash look better! Expect another more technical
and important tip coming up in the next couple of days!. Also added a Top Gear
road test of the 156 facelift #2 to the test drive page.
.: 19.7.2003 - 2 :.
One new car in the Your156 section! Also split the forum up in two parts as
there is a lot of activity there. Now there is a technical room and a chatroom.
Will probarbly update more tonight, but not quite sure yet.
.: 19.7.2003 :.
It's been hot lately here in Norway, so there hasn't been too many updates.
But today there is a few! First a new link at the TestDrives page. Then I
received more pictures from Stuart Rankin. And I also received pictures from
two new owners.
.: 12.7.2003 :.
Received a few mails lately. First of is more pictures of Moi's car. And then
I got a new picture of Vassilis car. Pictures from two new owners are now
also available in the Your156 section.
.: 9.7.2003 :.
Peksi sent some stunning updated pictures of his GTA. Exellent!! A must see!
.: 8.7.2003 :.
Finally a new update! I have been busy lately with several things so there
have not been many updates. But I did a lot this evening. First I added a
new link to the link's page (Italiaspeed). Then Jurgen De Smedt and Eric Lemerle
sent updated pictures of their 156es. And last, but not least, four new Alfas
are to be found on the Your156 page. Three of them on the new page 7. Enjoy!
.: 24.6.2003 :.
Chris T had an accident with his 156 and sent me puctures of the car after
the crash. Good thing he is allright, but the car is not. It may be written
off. Sad.. Pictures are up in the Pictures section. Also, don't stop sending
pictures of your cars! I even have room for updated pictures if you have any
updates for pictures already uploaded. later..
.: 20.6.2003 :.
I am still alive! But I have had a lot to do lately, so it has not been
very many updates. Finally there are updates! First I have received a mail
from Oliver with more info on his car. Then a mail from Michaël with two
new pictures of his car. I have also received pictures from two new owners
and uploaded them to the Your156 section as always!
.: 10.6.2003 :.
Finally got the time to upload the pictures from the five new owners!
Also decided to put up a picture of myself if you would like to see.
Check out the About section. Then I added two self made movies to the
Pictures section. Check them out! And expect more to come! hehe
.: 8.6.2003 :.
Just got back from our national Alfa Romeo meeting in Lærdal, Norway!
I had a VERY good time and I took 119 pictures and 50 minutes of video.
The pictures are already online in the pictures section. I have to get
back to the video after directing it. Will take some time. Also changed
the front page picture. The picture was taken inside the worlds longest
tunnel (25 km). It is taken with my camera on a tripod with no flash used.
And it has not been digitally changed in any way. Looks cool, eh? While I
was away, I have received mail from five (!!) 156 owners with pictures!!
I will update the Your156 section when I get the time. Now I HAVE to
sleep after driving, drinking beer (not together), chatting, going to bed
late, getting up insanely early and running around the place to take
.: 5.6.2003 :.
Received pictures from two more 156 owners and added them to the Your156
section page six! Also received updated pictures from another owner and
a lot of updated info. See this updated one. I am very happy with
the activity on the forum! Thanks guys! Keep it up! :) Tomorrow I will go
to our national Alfa Romeo meeting of the year. It lasts for the complete
weekend and I will (hopefully) return with ALOT of new pictures and movie!
Don't miss it!
.: 30.5.2003 :.
A lot of updates today!! First of all: new forum! The new forum is a lot
better than the old forum and I hope you like it and continue using it..
Then I have uploaded 70 images and a video from yesterdays motor club
gathering here in my home city. See Pictures section. And I received not less
than FOUR mails from 156 owners around the world! See the Your156 section
for the new images!
.: 28.5.2003 :.
Started the Your156 page six after receiving pictures from two more owners!
I'm in the process of replacing the forum with a new and much more improved
version. Best of all - it doesn't have all those #€%#" popups! It will
probarbly be online in the next few days! Also remember to check in this
weekend as there will be a lot of pictures from a big car clubs gathering
in my home city on Thursday.
.: 25.5.2003 :.
Just completed the Your156 page five after receiving a picture from an 156
owner in Greece! There are now pictures from 80 reader cars on this page!
Not bad! :) Keep'em coming!!
.: 24.5.2003 :.
Received a picture from an 156 owner in Poland and uploaded them to the
Your156 section.
.: 19.5.2003 :.
I received pictures from two more 156 owners and uploaded the pictures to the
Your156 section!
.: 14.5.2003 :.
Received pictures from a 156 owner in Iceland! Uploaded them to the
Your156 section!
.: 11.5.2003 :.
Received pictures from a 156 owner in Denmark and uploaded them to the
Your156 section. Nice!
.: 10.5.2003 :.
I received pictures from two more 156 owners and uploaded the pictures to the
Your156 section! Keep'em coming! Also added a little thing to the My156
page: some pictures from the day I bought my Bella and compared it to how
it looks now. So you can see for yourselves.
.: 6.5.2003 :.
Today there is a few updates actually. Split the pictures from your 156es to
a new Your156 section and kept other pictures in the Pictures section. Then I
added pictures from the KARN Bergen spring tour to the Pictures section and
then added two new pictures also to the Pictures section. The first one is
one more picture of an Alfa Romeo 156 police car and the other one is of a 156
STW Cup car. Both pictures are taken by Frank Dietrich. Thanks dude!
.: 5.5.2003 :.
Back! The webserver is now running again after it crashed the day after I went
on holyday! Now I am back and the server is running again. Enjoy! ;)
.: 24.4.2003 :.
Received pictures from two more owners and updated the Pictures page with
them new piccys. :)
.: 12.4.2003 :.
Received pictures from a 156 owner in Denmark. Uploaded them to the pictures
section for your viewing pleasure!
.: 8.4.2003 :.
Added a new 156 and an Italian 156 Police car to the pictures section! Very cool!
Also received one more picture of Mr Martin's very nice red GTA. As a few of you
might have noticed, I changed the front page picture a couple of days ago. Early
spring picture... :)
.: 3.4.2003 :.
A few updates today actually! I had a photo session with my own car, so I
re-arranged and added pictures to the My156 section. Also added the first video clip!
It's my first, expect a lot more in the future (even more interesting clips ;)! Then
I added a new how-to guide to the tuning section. Check it out! And finally I uploaded
two more cars to the pictures page. One of them a GTA! :)
.: 28.3.2003 :.
Received and added two cars to the fifth page of pictures from Alfa Romeo 156
owners troughout the world! :) Also got a digital videocamera yesterday, so you
can expect lots of Alfa videoclips on this page in the future! The first one is
alreday here. Its just a test video from my new camera and only one single shot,
but you can see it here (DivX 5.02, 8MB). The video shows how my car looks now
with lowering springs and 17" wheels. I also finally added pictures from my Eibach
lowering to the My156 page. More to follow!
.: 24.3.2003 :.
Just added two more cars to the pictures page! One from France and one
all the way from Chile. Nice! :)
.: 22.3.2003 :.
A few updates today.. First of a new car to the pictures page. Then I added
a link to the links page. Then I added how to reset the idle engine to the
Info section (Erratic idle speed). And last I have split up this news
page to this page and the old news page.
.: 19.3.2003 :.
Small selebration! Today I received pictures from the first GTA owner! You will
find them on the pictures page as usual. Also received new pictures from Steward
Loke with his new 17" wheels and lowering springs.
.: 17.3.2003 :.
Just some minor updates today in the Tips section. Rewrote a lot of the variator
text and added more info to that. Then I made some minor changes to the
Dashboard noise, poor paint and erratic idle speed info.
.: 13.3.2003 :.
Uploaded a new picture of a Spanish 156 to the pictures page. Please send more
pictures, folks!
.: 2.3.2003 :.
Received a picture from an 156 owner in Italy! Updated the pictures page with
the picture. Also did a lot of small changes. First of all made the little logo
for this page as you can se to the upper left of your screen. With a little help
from my girlfriend (Photoshop expert)! :) Then I added water marks on all the
pictures here at this page. It was a lot of work, so don't complain! Aight? ;)
.: 1.3.2003 :.
Just by luck I found a picture of my car with me in it (!) at the Våler race track
taken summer 2002! Offcoz it had to be a front page picture! So i changed the front
picture as you might already noticed. Also added two new links to the links page.
.: 24.2.2003 :.
Several updates today! As you might see, I fixed the layout for this News page.
I received a picture of a new car and placed it at the Pictures page, added a
nice picture to the Tuning page, added a cool link to engine curves and technical
info to the Technical page, added two links to the links page and finally I added
a new Tip to the Tips page. Phew!
.: End of new history :.

Read the old news page here.