.: She has got a new owner :.
I am sorry to announce that on 14th of March 2005, I sold my 156.
The car is now in the hands of a proud new owner, which I am very
confident will take very good care of it. I replaced it with a
2002 GTV 2.0TS serie limitata. Pictures can be found here.
.: .:. :.

.: The specs for my bella :.
She is born in 1998 and has the colour Amazon Green and the seats are
beige Momo leather seats. The motor is the 1.8 litre TwinSpark engine
with 144Bhp. The rear spoiler is from Novitec, winter wheels are the
standard 8-hole 15" alloys with 185/65/15 winter tires without spikes.
The summer wheels are Momo M-1 17" with Toyo Proxes TS-1 tires in
215/45/17 size. I have fitted complete Eibach pro 30mm lowering kit,
Ragazzon end muffler and a K&N 57i intake filter.

I bought the car summer 2001 and she still makes me smile the way she
did the first time I had her for a test drive.

.: Pictures :.
The Alfa Romeo 156 is a beauty, and that makes it fun to photograph.
You can see new pictures here.

.: Eibach lowering :.
I lowered my car with Eibach 30mm pro kit. You can see the difference
and read my verdict on this page.

.: K&N 57i Induction kit :.
I mounted a K&N Induction kit myself. Click here to read about my
experience with it and a short video with an example of the new sound! :)

.: Ragazzon muffler :.
Me and a friend mounted a Ragazzon end muffler. Click here to read
about my experience with it. Also check out the video in the box below
for the new sound!

.: Videos :.
Published: 17.04.2004
Type: DivX v5.1.1 - 7,5 MB - 1min
This is a video of me driving by a couple of times and from my new Ragazzon muffler.
Published: 20.04.2004
Type: DivX v5.1.1 Size: 19Mb Duration: 2min 28sec
Me driving at Eikås Gocart track. Listen to the nice Ragazzon sound! weeeh.

.: Before & After pictures :.
This page show how my car looked the day I bought it and how it looks
now in comparison. See for yourself!

.: .:. :.