.: K&N 57i filter mod :.
Tuesday the 27th of January 2004 I fitted a K&N 57i filter kit:

I used about 30 minutes to fit this with the inctructions enclosed. Very good instructions acutally that takes you step by step. I could not open the three screws on the old factory filter, so I was unable to take out the original filter. And I also made my own solution with the cold air pipe that blows cold air at the filter. I will remove the original filter later and might do some more mods to get more cold air.

My first experience is that you don't hear that much difference when just revving the engine. But when acellerating with some load on the engine, you will really hear it. Mostly you will hear the sound from the filter from 2nd gear and higher or when
acellerating hard in 1st gear. The sound is a bit higher than standard, but your
girlfriend might not notice the difference. I quite like it actually. Right after
I fitted my filter, the flexi pipe on the exhaust system had a big crack. The garage
people didn't think it had anything to do with it. But it might be because I pushed
it a bit more than usual to see the difference or it might be because I was paying
much more attention to the sound right then. I also changed the variator at almost
the same time, so I am a but unsure about power gain. But I think it is a
bit better. Especially when pushing the pedal on low revs.

This mod is simple and you can easy fit it yourself with the included instructions.
Even I did it! The price in Norway is about 1400 NOK and that is ~ 175. Expect it
to be cheaper in other countrys, though.

I did a short video with the sound before & after the mod. I had a worn variator,
so don't mind the "diesel" sound. I have now edited the video with new footage after
the variator was changed, so here is the version 2. Video is 7MB and Divx format.
Download the divx codec if you only get a black picture. Download video here.

I have now also made version 2 of the soundfile so you can hear the real K&N sound.
Not easy to catch it, but I guess you will hear the difference from your own car.
Download the mp3 here.
Here is some info for the soundclip:
00:00 - accelerating from 2nd gear at 2000 rpms to 6000 drive by.
00:10 - accelerating from 1st gear and into 2nd gear from inside the car with window open.
00:24 - accelerating in 2nd gear to about 6000 rpms slightly uphill.
00:35 - accelerating in 2nd gear to about 6000 rpms slightly downhill.

.: K&N 57i filter mod :.