Owning and driving an Alfa Romeo 156 is great and puts a big smile on any owners face! :) But - there are some things you should watch out for. Remember that the problems are not happening with every car! If one should make a list for Audi and BMW, it would look scary aswell.
The service sign in Arma di Taggia, Italy
.: Known problems with Alfa Romeo 156 :.
.: User tip's :.
Please note - the things featured here is only meant for help.
I will take no responsibilities for things that might go wrong with
some one else's cars. If you are not sure about how you do things - leave
it to the professionals. ;)

.: FAQ's from the forum :.
.: Oily bits :.
There is also some oily bits here to read at Catman's Alfa Pages.

.: How to remove center console :.
If you need to remove your center console by any reason (eg. mount a mobile
phone bracket) then here is some instructions on how to remove it:
For 1997-2002 pre facelift models, click here. For 2002-> and GTA, click here.

.: Buyer's guides :.
I have made the alfa156.net Buyer's Guide for you! Click here to read it.
There is also a PDF 48 point checklist buyers guide made by Posty at ARDC
available here.

If you are considering buying an Alfa Romeo 156, you might be interested
in this article from February 2005 Auto Italia - Buyer's Guide to Alfa 156.

Published with permission from Auto Italia.

Autocar released an article about buying Alfa Romeo's in October 2004.

Published with permission from Autocar Magazine.

Auto Italia previously released an article in April 2000 - Buyer's Guide to Alfa 156.

Published with permission from Auto Italia.

.: Buyer's guides :.