Friday the 14th of February I had Eibach 30mm progressive lowering springs fitted on my car:

This is a picture taken in december 2002 showing my car with standard springs and
my winter wheels:



I have the Eibach pro kit with 30 mm progressive lowering springs and dampers. First I had only the springs and used the orignal standard dampers. The springs were not very hard, but they made the car roll less in sharp turns and it felt much more stable. The looks also improved a lot! But with the standard dampers, the ride becomes a bit bumpy as the dampers are not strong enough to hold the car steady in bumps. And also it made a bit of a bump noise when I drove over some bumps and my tires wore out very fast! But with the Eibach pro dampers, it made a big difference. The car is still not very hard, it actually feels more comfortable than with the standard dampers and Eibach springs. At the same time it feels more sporty and the steering is even sharper. This is a very much recommended upgrade for your car. It is not uncomfortable
at all! The only downside is the ride height which is low. Mostly I notice this when there
is something in the middle of the road (between the wheels) like ice or something.

The plastic plate under the engine was unfortunately already broken before I lovered my car.
But does not touch down very much even how low it is now. I think the lowest point under that
plate is about 4-5cm right now. It looks like this: