.: Photo Competition :.

alfa156.net is now presenting the photo competition of the year! Don't miss it!

The photo competition is on and to the 15th of November I will update regularly with the contrubutions. The goal is to inspire you guys to take cool pictures of your cars.

First prize will be the official Norwegian Alfa Romeo Owners Club (KARN) t-shirt free shipped to your home mailbox. Maybe not that cool if you live in Norway, but very cool if you live in another country, I would presume? I will also have the winning picture on the front page on alfa156.net for some time after the competition. The number 2 and number 3 will have their fame and glory!

.: The rules are simple :.

1. The picture(s) must not have been published in a magazine or newspaper before.

2. It MUST have something to do with Alfa Romeo 156! Either of the car, part of the car
or something that has to do with the car. Pictures of other Alfa Romeo's will not qualify
for this compo no matter how cool they look. Sorry! =) The car can be as standard as
left the factory. That is not important. The most important is how you use your camera
and your imagination. No styling needed!

3. Max of two pictures per person.

4. The picture(s) must have been received by me within the 15th of November 2003
at 1200 hours CET. I will confirm and upload every contribution.

.: Other info :.

The jury for this compo will be myself (webmaster), the webmaster for 147dude.com,
the webmaster for kak.net and the webmaster for evo.no.

I have started an official forum thread for this compo here.

The received pictures are available in this gallery.

Send all contributions to: compo@alfa156.net and mark them Competition, your name,
your email address and the country you live in. High resolution pictures are prefered.

Good luck!

.: What are you waiting for?? :.