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My name is Anders and I live in Bergen, Norway. This webpage was started to share info about my car. In 2005 I decided to sell my 156 and replaced it with a 2002 GTV. Then in 2006 I replaced the GTV with a car from southern Germany (München). But I believe this is the best Alfa 156 site on the net, so I am keeping it alive for you! With big thank you's to our loyal sponsors!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any comments, new info, corrections, unpublished pictures or want to add your Alfa 156 pages to my linkpage.

Contact info:
Email: WebMaster@Alfa156.net

I am not very tehnical skilled on cars, so if you do want to know any more tech stuff than what I have written on this pages, you should use the Forum to ask your technical question! I am not able to respond to the number of people asking me technical questions on email. I therefore will not respond to any techical question sent by email! The forum is very active and is a much better place to ask.

The ever so helpfull Jeff has made step by step guides for the Tips section, is a moderator on the forum and is also keeping the Your156 section updated. He has previously owned a 156 2.5 24v V6 and a very nice 147 GTA.


I am actually paying for the serverspace for this page. Feel free to contribute to share the running costs if you are happy with this site.

.: About this page :.